Non-Baidu Search Engines In China

Baidu SEO updates is to better its search engine optimization (SEO) methods and ranks of websites on its platform, Baidu, the main search engine in China, often releases upgrades to its own internal systems and algorithms. SEO improvements on Baidu are made to improve the user experience, return better results, and protect the integrity of websites that appear in the search engine’s results. Digital marketers and webmasters need to know about these changes so they can continue to improve their sites and rank well on Baidu. Chinese internet search engine manufacturer Sogou is a multinational corporation headquartered in Hong Kong. In 2004, doctors Xu Long and Wang Xiaochuan launched the company in Sohu, China. Sogou is now among China’s most prominent online conglomerates. The Sogou search engine is the company’s flagship offering; it ranks second in China only behind Baidu. The business provides a web browser, an input mechanism, and advertising alongside its other offerings. One of the most popular search engines in China, Sogou is often viewed as a rival to Baidu. The startup has backing from Sohu, Tencent, and Alibaba, three of China’s major online corporations. In China, the mobile market is huge, and Sogou is at the forefront. Among Chinese Android users, the company’s search engine is often preset as the primary option. A mobile browser and input mechanism are both accessible on Sogou. The shares of Sogou are exchanged by the general public on the New York Stock Exchange.

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